G-COMS PCM Tool helps Airlines to quickly adopt Activity Based Cost (ABC) Analysis & Reporting, which is a proven methodology for cost containment. Besides G-COMS helps to centrally monitor and manage contracts and SLAs. G-COMS can be used as a stand-alone system or can be integrated with your ERP systems – whether it is SAP®, Oracle® or any other ERP system.

Key elements of an Airline Cost Management System may include:

  1. Cost Tracking 
  2. Budget Management
  3. Supplier Management
  4. Profitability Analysis
  5. Workflow Optimization
  6. Reporting and Analytics
Cost Centers / Departments requests release of funds from approved budgets
Spends that are governed by contracts are managed centrally and closely monitored to ensure compliance with SLAs
Usage based charges (for eg. ground handling) made to report directly from the place of occurrence after routing through a review and approval mechanism
Activity based cost determined and accrued at the end of month
Invoice reconciliation and variance reporting based on self-invoice, which is generated based on actual performance of activities
Noncompliance of SLAs analyzed to assess the financial impact
Analysis done on variance identified on invoice reconciliation


  • Over Spending identified, reported, made accountable for and control mechanism derived and passed for action
  • Effectiveness of cost containment monitored, measured and reported
  • Alternatives identified and analyzed to assess the long term and short term impacts
  • Savings identified, documented and reported to see if similar models can be applied in other parallel scenarios
  • Use contract performance data for effective contract negotiation

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